Terms of Use

Acceptance of the Terms of Use

By using the services on certBox.org you will accept the following conditions (terms of use). You are not allowed to use the services, if you do not accept these conditions.

Offered Services

certBox.org is a platform for searching and publishing certificates and public keys (X.509 resp. PGP) on the Internet. The platform is based on the Secardeo certBox PKI Appliance and offers a manual search using HTML as well as an automated search via LDAP. Search requests will be served locally or forwarded to publicly available certificate directories (PKI Repositories). For this, a repository list (RepList) is maintained.

Public Access

The public access to certBox.org is restricted to 10 search requests per day. Organizations are allowed to publish up to 10 certificates or PGP keys. For individuals, access is limited to 2 published certificates or PGP keys. This service is currently free of charge.

Disabling Access

The Secardeo GmbH may disable the public access at any time and without prior notification if this is required to assure the availability and reliability of the service.

Publication of Certificates

Before you publish a user or CA certificate you have to assure its validity and trustworthiness. In the case of publishing certificates of a third party, you assure, that you are authorized to do that by other agreements. Secardeo may analyse certificates and evaluate their trustworthiness. Secardeo may refuse the publication of certificates without disclosing the reasons for this. Secardeo does neither guarantee nor take any liability for the contents, validity, trustworthiness or usability of found certificates or public keys.


In order to use this service, you submit data like e-mail addresses, certificates or server addresses. You herewith accept, that the data entered via "Search" and "Publish" will be used for the functions described under "Offered Services" and for internal logging and statistics. In order to process search requests, the entered e-mail addresses will be forwarded to the installed directories. The certificates that you publish may be returned to any public subscribers as a search result. Here, the access control mechanisms of the certBox will prevent from unauthorized searches and bulk searches.


Secardeo does not guarantee for the availability of this free service or the installed directories.

Exclusion of Liability

Secardeo excludes any liability for material or immaterial damages that may occur as a consequence of using this free service.

Further Information

Further information about the certBox PKI Appliance and its application in an enterprise PKI can be found at http://www.secardeo.com/products/certbox.html.